Transitions Pt 1

Transitions Hand Dyed Yarn in silver gray, turquoise, orange

The first grouping of colorways from the Transitions palette of hand dyed yarn from Mari’s Miscellany includes:

“Pewter” – slightly tonal light gray

“Adventurine” – semi-solid turquoise

“Persimmon Spice” – semi-solid dark orange with a two-tone orange to red shift in the light

“Transitions” is a jewel-tone palette with gray and black neutrals that takes us to a fictional market where we are met with a mix of products, services, and experiences that are at once both old and new, challenging and comforting, traditional and innovative. This represents the flux of personal, social, and technological transitions of our era.

We make art even as needs must
For what do I toil?
Are we meant to consume the product or be it?
Chance or change – perspective or circumstance?
Perspective and circumstance
What if there is a planet B?
Changes ideas innovation… new ways to do human things, or new ways to make money?
Pewter, Adventureine, Persimmon Spice

Pewter gives us a palette neutral to make colors pop. It represents the essential, creative, and destructive ways we use metal

Adventureine is a blue green that is joyful, adventurous, and whimsical, yet familiar and soothing

Persimmon Spice shifts red and orange as light and shadow play off this two-tone shimmery beauty. From a distance it is solid, but observation reveals it is warm, intoxicating, sunlight, and fire. Naturally creative and destructive, and not ever fully under our control.

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