Tassel keychain easy craft project

Tassel keyring with bead

Embroidery floss in 4 colors
Keyring and clip (assemble before wrapping the ring)
Embroidery needle for wrapping the floss around the ring
Beading needle.
Bead with hole large enough to fit floss

Pick one color and use a strand to wrap the ring using the chain stitch, do not cut the tail, we’ll be using it to secure the tassel.
Take the rest of the floss from all 4 colors and wrap it into a loop
Wrap loop with the floss tail.
Tie a knot and tidy up the top of the tassel, then cut the bottom to create a fringe.

This could be made with whatever similar materials are on hand, like raffia or yarn, and could use more beads, and many different types of attachments like earrings, ornament hangers, long braided floss strands, or ribbon for a bookmark… This project is easy, quick, fun, and makes a great gift or stocking stuffer.

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Follow along as I demonstrate making the clip-on tassel

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