Resin Swirl Heart Pendant

Today I’m showing y’all the results of my experiment with epoxy resin, resin pigments and then alcohol ink sinker.

Some of the hearts were an absolute mistake because I didn’t mix the ink sinker correctly and I also messed up because I used a base coat of UV resin before I realized.

There’s a very clear line between the UV resin and then where the epoxy resin fills in, and then the sinker ink went everywhere!

The rest look much better and yet are still a mistake.

I need to find the proper container from which I can dispense the ink sinker because I’m getting way too much in there.

The ones that look the best are where the pigment bloomed before the resin set.


  • I filled the trays with epoxy resin
  • applied the resin pigment
  • applied the ink sinker
  • Dry 24 hours they’ll be malleable
  • 48 hours they’ll be hard

I look forward to trying more colors and designs!

Watch along as I show the results of my experiment with epoxy resin and ink sinker

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