Resin experiment green flame

Y’all I really love this one. It’s easy and you get beautiful results with whatever color combo you use


Mica powder in Green, copper, yellow, and black

  • UV Resin
  • Mica powder in green, yellow, copper, black
  • Mixing stick
  • Swirling stick or needle


Start with clear resin in mold, add drops of colored resin, swirl, cure, add thin layer of black resin, cure, repeat clear resin then color drops, swirl, and cure.


If the resin is too thin the colors will bleed and blend more

Clean the needle between each swirl, otherwise the resin builds up and the point gets thicker which drags more resin around, over blending

Epoxy resin may be better suited than UV because it can get thicker so the colors will bleed less, I’m going to try this again with a different resin

Green flame resin experiment demo short

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