New hand dyed yarn palette “Transitions”

I’ve begun the process of making my next #handdyedyarn color palette called “Transitions”

I began by designing the color palette.

– I started with a bluish red paired with a dark blue.

– I added a warm Peach Blush which combines the bluish red with yellow and brown to add a light color that pairs with both warm and cool colors.

– Next is a bluish green which pairs well with the red without looking like a holiday card!

– Neutrals for the palette are silver gray and black

After designing I looked through my recipe books for colors that are close. Yesterday I began mixing dye colors trying to get the exact tones I’m looking for.

Analyzing dye color exhaust helps me spot problems. In the third from the left you can see the yarn is pinkish and there is a lot of yellow in the exhaust that didn’t bind with the yarn

I’m using Dharmaset acid dyes which are primary so I can make a lot of colors while maintaining a smaller inventory. The downside is lots of mixing and sampling, but I have my primary dye stock done now so it’ll go a lot faster through the rest of the process.

Next steps: dye samples, finalize palette, then begin dyeing large batches. Rinse, condition, dry, skein, photos, packaging, listing, then begins the fun of making stuff with it!

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