Mock mosaic pendant clay and resin

Ok I’m starting to get the basics of #resinjewelry making. I’m playing with layers and learning not to overfill.

I’ve been seeing these in my mind for a while now, and watching them come to life is amazing.

What’s this called? It’s not a mosaic, but it’s inspired by it. I’m sure there’s a term for this. Anywho, the process is soothing and meditative and each piece is charged with a lot of emotion and wonder because every single flake is placed by hand. There’s always a thrill when I remove the mold.

To make these start with a thin sheet of marbled polymer clay, about 1/4 what you would use for a pendant.

Bake the sheet whole then break up into tiny pieces

In pendant molds pour and cure a thin base layer of resin, then add a second layer and begin layering chips of clay with colored foil or other inclusions. Top with resin and cure.

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