Make your own paper beads

Follow along as I demonstrate using my paper bead kit

These written instructions are the most recent, the video at end may not have all the information on this updated page so ignore these instructions at your beads’ own peril 😆

Basic beads – demonstrated in video – tube beads made with the preprinted straight papers in the kit

1. Choose which end you want for your bead.

  • Only about 1/4″ shows on the outside of the bead
  • If you don’t like either of the ends you can also cut the paper, flip the ends and glue back together to use the colors in the middle
  • Or turn the papers over to the blank side and color/paint your own.

2. Hold the paper face down, chosen end at bottom

3. Insert into the slot on the rolling tool and turn a bit to fold the top down, remove it and press that down then re-insert into the tool – this creates a tab so the paper won’t slip out of the slot

4. Begin rolling until the paper has rolled onto itself and apply some glue (Mod Podge) BE Careful! The tool is designed to last long enough for you to use the kit and get the idea of the craft, but won’t last forever. The more careful you are with it the longer it’ll last. You can also reinforce it with glue and tape, or upgrade to the deluxe bead roller.

5. The needle tip on the bottle will dry and clog quickly, so I keep a pin📍 in mine to keep it from clogging.

  • When squeezing the bottle it helps to gently shake it upside down first so glue is near the neck, that’ll move the air bubble out of the way

6. Continue rolling and applying glue to the end, seal end well. I hold it for a bit and roll it back and forth to secure it

7. Hold the bead in one hand and twist a little with the other then slide the bead off the roller

8. There will be a tab in the center of the bead, insert the end of the dowel or a toothpick or similar item into bead and roll/push to set the tab against the side and open up the bead center

Rolling DELUXE beads is similar but

  • They are cut from magazines, so the colors will be more random but I paired together groups that look nice together.
  • If children will be using the kit you may wish to go through the papers first. I repurpose discarded magazines and printed materials, and I try to remove any potentially offensive words or images inappropriate for children but I might miss some
  • The end papers are tapered to show layers of color, so you can play around with them and get more interesting effects
  • You’ll use 1 of the straight pieces, roll, glue another straight piece to the end, and then add one of the tapered pieces and finish rolling

9. Put grommet/cap onto other end of tool, apply glue. I find 3 small dots works well. Insert onto bead, remove and repeat with other grommet

10. Apply a layer of Mod Podge and let dry, repeat with final coating

11. I find it’s a bit fiddly at first, but once you get a few done you’ll get the feel for it. If you’re frustrated or have problems with anything in the kit let me know so I can improve it. We’re all learning together!

Don’t forget to share your final creations on any social media with #marismiscellany

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