Knitting machine weights

Stop dropped stitches

knitting machine with knitting machine weights

Easy to use - just clip onto fabric

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Carefully constructed to be gentle on yarn

I designed these with a custom-printed blue sled that holds a 1 ounce lead-free weight, attached to a strong but gentle clip. 

I got tired of having dropped stitches on my round knitting machines even after taking all the recommended precautions. I used my I-cord maker one day and realized that knitting machines use weights to keep the fabric hanging down and prevent the loops from being pushed up off the needles. Especially as static can build up. 

I couldn’t find any weights that worked on round machines, so I made some and I’m sharing my solution with you!


1. Set up the machine with as much clearance at the bottom as possible, and cast on
2. Clip one of the weights onto the tail yarn and continue running the machine until the fabric is at least one inch long
3. Remove the tail yarn weight and place 4 weights evenly spaced around the bottom of the fabric.
4. Continue running the machine until the fabric weights are near the bottom surface  and remove the weights
5. Gently pinch together the bottom of the fabric with a spot up higher and secure with a weight. You don’t want too close to the needles because it will distort the fabric. Secure the rest of the weights
6. Continue running the machine and moving the weights up as needed.
7. Use the 5th weight to secure the two yarn tail ends when you change colors or add on more yarn.