Knit Winter Scarf

Knit winter scarf

I first learned this method as the “no-purl rib” but it’s also referred to as the “cartridge belt rib” stitch.

Worked flat holding two strands of fingering weight, or one strand of dk weight yarn

5mm needles or adjust size for preferred gauge.

For my twisted edges:
Slip first st of each row knit-wise (sl1k)
Knit last st of each row through the back loop


yf – yarn in front
yb – yarn in back
Sl1k – slip one knit-wise
Sl1p – slip one purl-wise
ktbl – knit through the back loop


Cast-on 35 stitches (old Norwegian or preferred cast-on)

1: Sl1k, k2,
(yf, sl1p, yb, k3); rep () to end

2: Sl1, (yf, sl1p, yb, k3); rep () to last two sts,
yf, sl1p, ktbl

Repeat two rows until scarf measures desired length.
Bind off

Placket to hold scarf in place:
With 5mm crochet hook and excess yarn:
Chain 17 Leaving long tail to sew end
1: In second choice from hook sc, sc to end
2: Turn, ch1, sc in each st across
Bind off leaving long enough tail to sew end

Try scarf on (We wear it wrapped around neck one full time with ends laying flat on each other.

Measure where you want the bar to be placed and sew it on with tapestry hook and long tails.

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