How to make paper beads

How to make paper beads with a paper bead roller.

A paper bead roller lets you make beautiful beads from strips of paper! Use one strip of thick paper or two strips of thin paper (like magazines)

brightly colored beads made from strips of paper, a paper bead roller on a blue background, and a display of bead kits

To use:

insert one end of paper strip into the slot, roll paper onto itself and apply a dot of glue.

Keep rolling and adding glue to the end.

To remove the bead just give a turn in the opposite direction and wiggle gently back and forth, then pull from the bottom so the bead doesn’t unroll.

To select core size:
Use 1mm larger than whatever the bead will be threaded onto.

To cap the beads use grommets that match the bead roller size use a hammer and gently tap them into place This will compress the beads a bit, and you can play around with the size of your beads this way.

To finish the surface of the beads you can brush on any paper-friendly varnish, glaze, and even resin. Glaze the inside of the hole too, and use waxed floss and a fan or cool air to help them dry quickly, and your beads will last a long time.

To Clean Up Drips: I use acetone on a cotton swap and gently dab at the drips and stuff to clean up and make the beads jewelry-ready.

To care for them:

Don’t submerge the beads in water or leave in a humid area like a bathroom.

Wipe down occasionally with a microfiber or similar cloth, do not use cleaning products.

Video tutorial: how to make paper beads with a bead roller

Shop Paper Bead Kits & Supplies:

I hand make these items in my workshop. I usually come up with my products because I want a specific tool and I can’t find the exact thing I want, so I just make it and share it with ya’ll!

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