Contrasts Collection update

Contrasts is my next collection. It celebrates the contrasts between black, white, and metallic silver and gold. Collection items include small cement planters and statues, clay decor and jewelry.

I switched the paint I was using so I’d get more metallic impact.

I made two prototypes of each item for photography and will be doing a batch of final items this week to complete inventory.

Getting supplies has been challenging. As soon as I need something there’s a hiccup on that item in the supply chain, so I’m taking as long as I need to make sure I have actual items on hand when I list them.

*Pictured items are prototypes and not available for purchase. They may have flaws or design elements that won’t appear on final products*

The collection is inspired by the beauty in contrast. Dark and light, silver and gold are beautiful, stark, and bold.

I started out with beige but switched to glossy white to provide more pop to the gold. It has a very luxe feel with all that sheen.

Working on display for market booth

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