More progress with the website!

Still a few glitches to work through, but it’s about 90% there. 🥳 Now I have a lot of work to get my catalogues communicating again for the other platforms. One task leads to three more 😫 but it’s progressing 🥳 The next few days I’ll be working on product and school. Hope y’all have Read More


Website is coming along, products uploaded, now I just have to get pictures uploaded and then fine-tune the appearance. I’m going to test my newsletter integration, so check your messages for a newsletter tomorrow there’s going to be a treat, no tricks I hope!! Ta for now =M= Read More

Starting from scratch

Now as good a time as any to rebuild my website from scratch and undo the pile of spaghetti I ended up with because I didn’t do regular maintenance. I’m still philosophical 4 hours into the rebuild, which was interrupted by my network card trying its best to end it all. Hopefully I’ll have products Read More