Casting decor – mini ink trinket dish

I’ve been practicing making silicone molds and I finally got some of these perfect. I’m in love with this little ink pot 🥰 I’m using super stretchy silicone and Hydrostone as my casting slip.

I sanded and cleaned the pot, then prepped it for painting with Mod Podge. I started out with a color-shifting magenta but decided to go blue so I added some cobalt.

Lessons learned:

– watch the time while the Hydrostone settles. It goes from watery to concrete in a blink

– pour 1/4 fill, shake, repeat to fill in details and move bubbles upward

– safety! Wear gloves, a mask, and goggles, and use a fan to clear the air before removing

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Casting, sanding, and painting a mini ink pot trinket dish

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